2014 Race Across America

February 01,2015


The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race!

2014 Race Across America route map

stats for RAAM 2014

Start: Oceanside, California

Finish: Annapolis, Maryland


3,000 miles on the roads with road bikes (Approximately 30% longer than the Tour de France.) Crosses 12 states, passes through 88 counties and 350 communities

Elevation gain:

Over 170,000 vertical feet
2014 Race Across America elevation chart


Solo, 2-, 4-, and 8-Person relay teams

Team PHenomenal Hope is competing as a 4-woman relay team, taking turns as we cover approximately 375 miles per day in approximately 8 nonstop days.

RAAM is… A Road Race and Not a Tour!

Once the clock starts, the race is continuous, 24/7 until racers cross the finish line.

Teams must complete the race in a maximum of 9 days, meeting many time cut-offs along the way.

RAAM is… A Great Way to Raise Awareness!

Racers annually raise collectively in excess of $2 million for a wide range of charitable causes.

The race is followed by people all over the world on the Web, bi-weekly RAAM newsletter, race blog, and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

There is local national and international coverage by the traditional media. Additionally, RAAM has at least four of its own media crews on the course providing up-to-date video, photo and text coverage.

Race coverage statistics:

  • 25+ million page views annually
  • 2500+ articles in mainstream media (TV, radio and print)
  • This coverage provides substantial value to both sponsors and charities.

2011 Race Statistics:

  • 330 racers and 1000+ support crew (includes Race Across the West, RAW)
  • 19 different countries
  • 60 teams, 58 solos
  • 250+ staff and volunteers

For More Information

Check out the RAAM Website: http://www.raceacrossamerica.org


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