2015 October News

October 29,2015


With everyone’s love and support, we’ve come a long way in 2015. With you we literally put PH on the map in multiple cities, states, countries and continents. We ventured into new races – again going far on the bike, and also running marathons and ultraraces as well as swimming/biking/running in Ironman events. Along the way we told more people about our cause – pulmonary hypertension – and the people with whom we race – the PH community and YOU!


And NOW we ask you to help us amplify this message, to help spread the word about pulmonary hypertension awareness and our race together. We ask that you invite your friends to follow along with Team PHenomenal Hope.

  • Reach out and invite your friends on Facebook to like our page.
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In less than 2 minutes you can invite your friends to join us, and help us in this race to make a difference in the lives of those with PH.

“You are an Ironman!”

We were riveted as our teammates raced in Ironman Chattanooga and Ironman Louisville, bringing their personal stories and grit to these intense all-day challenge, and living their dreams. Congratulations to Mandy, Monica and Mike!

From Chicago to Texas

Meanwhile our teammate Cindy raced her first Chicago Marathon, with our partner, Team O2 breathe, and Pascale Lercangee put it all on the line again for 24 hours as she raced the Texas 24-hour Time Trials!

Raising funds for PH patients and research

We are proud of our athletes for not only putting the colors our there to raise awareness, but also for raising money in an even greater race to find a cure. In September/October alone, Team PHenomenal Hope athletes raised over $3000 to support PHA research and patient services. These funds and all donations raised through athlete-based fundraising this year were donated to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.

Racing alongside our bigger team

In other news, Team PHenomenal Hope would like to thank our colleagues at Bayer who recruited their own cycling team and rode with us in the Gran Fondo NJ. Together we tackled the New Jersey Highlands, and are grateful for our sponsor literally going the extra mile with Team PHenomenal Hope.

Meanwhile we walked with the Pittsburgh PHA Support Group’s annual Walking PHor a Cure on September 26. We enjoyed a reunion with old PHriends and made new ones. And we also thank Merle Reeseman and the Pittsburgh Support group for raising over $1000 to help raise awareness and support PHA-funded research and patient services.


November is PH Awareness Month, and Team PHenomenal Hope will be celebrating this through our November initiative, the Community MicroPHone. In November you’ll hear Team PHenomenal Hope teammates talk about why they are passionate about raising PH Awareness AND we’ll be passing the microPHone to YOU. We are giving a voice to our athletes and PHriends as together we talk about why we’re in this race to raise awareness. Please tune into our Facebook page and Twitter to help us make sure your voice is heard this November!


Team PHenomenal Hope has a lot of people to thank for this incredible past year, and we also will have some HUGE news about our 2016 plans. So, make sure you follow us on social media as we celebrate 2015 and gear up for our upcoming adventures.


A New Home for Our Growing Family. Also in September, our nonprofit officially moved into a new office space. Located with other startups and for-profit and non-profit small businesses, Team PHenomenal Hope is excited to relocate into this prosperous incubator. We literally are working side-by-side with Fort Pitt Web Shop, and are excited about the new opportunities for growth. We plan to work with local schools and students interested in philanthropy to strengthen our presence in Pittsburgh, the United States, as well as abroad.


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