A Time of Thanks, A Time of Giving

November 27,2017

We are fully into the holiday season now; people are munching on leftover turkey sandwiches, Christmas trees and lights are are popping up on nearby homes, and shoppers were expected to spend up to one million dollars per minute on Amazon through Black Friday.

While we all enjoy a little shopping and scoring a deal, I think we in the PH community, in particular, see the holidays as a time of thanks, reflection, and too often, mourning for loved ones gone.

We know from experience that we can dig deep during times of mourning and find healing by giving to others. Calling PHriends in need, volunteering time with a local charity drive, or even sending in a few dollars where we can. By giving, we can get tuned into our place in the greater scheme of things, and we can find gratitude for who we are and what we have today.

During this holiday season, if you are mourning a PHriend or know someone who is, please remember to pick up the phone and spend some time sharing and listening. Reach out to a local charity and offer to volunteer some of your time, or offer financial support. Remember that you are not alone, and your gifts have the power to help make others thankful during the holidays.

I am thankful for each of you for your continued interest and support of Team PHenomenal Hope and our mission. We will continue to race to beat PH and work hard to support those in the PH community.

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