Announcing Team PH’s Solar Charger Initiative

May 14,2018

In the fall of 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria wreaked havoc on members of our PH community in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Many patients were without basic survival needs, such as shelter and clean water. With the help of our friends at PHaware, the Blue Lips Foundation, Reata, and Gilead, Team PH created the Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund to provide microgrants to patients in need while they got back on their feet.

Although many people were able to rebuild after the crisis, a lot of patients in Puerto Rico are still living with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. This area has been devastated by not just the immediate impact of Hurricane Maria, but by the near complete loss of infrastructure, including power and communications networks. Team PH wanted to take action to provide some sort of help to patients still suffering from the havoc Maria brought into their lives.

While we cannot restore the entire grid, we can solve one piece of the puzzle—communication. To help PH patients in Puerto Rico stay in touch with loved ones, medical professionals, speciality pharmacy services, and important news and community resources, Team PH is providing patients with renewable power through 400 portable solar panels and battery packs.

The RavPower 16W Solar Charger, with dual USB ports, is water-resistant, portable, and perfect for re-charging smartphones and personal tablets.

The compatible RavPower 16750mAh External Battery Pack connects to the solar charger to store one day’s worth of solar energy, then can be connected to smartphones or tablets to charge them throughout the evening. The external battery pack itself is portable, so it can travel with the owner.

We hope the small contribution of providing these products will assist these patients through the current power crises and also the ensuing hurricane seasons.

Team PH wishes to thank Gilead, CVS Specialty, and Accredo for helping to provide means of purchasing these items and shipping them to the patients of Puerto Rico.

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  1. I’m leader group Apoyo Amigos del Sur con Hipertension Pulmonar Very happy yo listen the News the help you will send for us
    Thanks for $500 you send

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