Announcing two Team PHenomenal Hope Events in November

October 26,2012

Novemeber is PH awareness month, and in honor of this, Team PHenomenal Hope has partnered with friends to bring two events viewable from anywhere via the internet!

Saturday, November 10 at 11AM EST – A Team PHenomenal Hope Workout: Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Pulmonary Hypertension

Team PH has partnered with UPMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation’s own Deb Piontek and Shawn McCurdy, who will lead patients and team members in a free, live 1-hour webcast from Cycling Fusion! Target audience: Patients, caregivers, and respiratory therapists who want to learn more about pulmonary rehabilitation in pulmonary hypertension. This is a demonstration of pulmonary rehabilitation and how it may be an adjunctive therapy in pulmonary hypertension.

Objectives include:

  • Demonstrate basic exercises and discuss how pulmonary rehabilitation can improve patients’quality of life
  • Encourage patient participation in a pulmonary rehabilitation program
  • Know when to contact a physician and learn to identify signs or symptoms that would indicate a change in condition
  • Learn to pace oneself in doing daily activities
  • Learn ways to pre-plan for travel

To register, go to this link: and go to Workshops and Events.

Save the date: Tuesday, November 20, 7PM EST – Spinning Phor A Cure

Before Thanksgiving there is “Thankspinning,” and a chance for cyclists, athletes, and anyone who wants to preemptively burn off calories in a challenging 90-minute workout. We have partnered with Cycling Fusion and Pro Bikes in a 90-minute spinning interval workout where we will virtually ride the famous Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen. People can register through Cycling Fusion (link coming soon) to participate at Cycling Fusion, ProBikes beautiful spin studio, or at home. (All you need is an internet connection, trainer, and bike!)

Registration: $30 at Cycling Fusion, $20 at ProBikes and elsewhere.

All proceeds will be donated to Team PHenomenal Hope for PH research.

To register, sign up here and go to November 20:



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