Back in the Saddle with Team PH: Race Report

August 18,2021

I have a semi-secret: I’m on day four in a six day mountain bike stage race in Breckinridge, Colorado. After publicly attempting the CTR last month, I’m doing my last race of the season and am back riding with Team PHenomenal Hope, racing do make a difference in the lives of those living with PH. And I almost didn’t tell anyone outside my immediate circle. I decided to just ride for the love of it, which do be honest, would be 100% okay.

But then on stage one as I rode through rain, sunshine, thunder and hail, enjoying the suffering with fellow racers on an awesome course, I remembered Ornah Levy and her energy, and her Carpe diem. I thought of Joanne and little Owen in New Zealand, as I wore the New Zealand green stone around my neck. I thought of the PHers who are with us and those who have recently passed — especially Lindsey and Fran, dear to the Colorado community. And on the morning of day 2 I realized that the Breck Epic and every event I take on on the bike is about way more than the bike. It is an opportunity for me to express myself and draw attention do something greater than myself, a single PR, or a race.

Our logo has a lightning bolt signifying how we use endurance sports to raise awareness about pulmonary hypertension, and I ride everyday and think a lot about those living with PM and those caring for them (caregivers, doctors, nurses), and those doing the research to crush this disease.

So with that, I invite you, on my last event week of the season (Breck Epic 6-day mountain bike stage race followed by the Triple BypassBack in the saddle with Team PHenomenal Hope), to join me in this race to make a difference by donating to support the work of Team PHenomenal Hope. I’ll be riding 234 miles on the trails in 6 days and then 106 miles on my road bike from Evergreen to Vail, for a total of 340 miles.

Will you help me raise $10 per mile? Please donate today here.

Together we can do this. Let’s get after it.

Thank you.

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