Want to join Team PHenomenal Hope?

We want YOU! Our recruitment drive ends December 31st for our 2019 team. Join Team PHenomenal Hope TODAY and race with us in 2019.

Click here to sign up and create your fundraising page with Crowdrise. It only takes a minute or two.

A couple things to note:

  • Be sure the name of your fundraising page is your first and last name.
  • After signing up, you will receive emails from Crowdrise on how to get started with the team and fundraising.
  • Need assistance? Don’t sweat it! Email our program manager at katie@teamphenomenalhope.org or call 877-646-4673 extension 102.

    What does it mean to be a Team PH athlete?

    Athletes who race for Team PH have chosen to use their sport to raise awareness about Pulmonary Hypertension and funds to support our cause.

    We ask that Team PH athletes help us spread awareness by wearing our PH colors in their races and training to help open a conversation, such as, “What is Team PHenomenal Hope?”

    We ask that Team PH athletes share information about themselves so our team and community can cheer for you at your events, and so that we can connect you with our athlete and PH patient communities. This can happen through the #LetMeBeYourLungs program, or other connections.

    We also ask that Team PH athletes raise funds to help support our PHenomenal Impact Fund for Global PH Research and other patient-centered programs.

    Team PH athlete requirements

    We ask all athletes to commit to:

    • Fundraise at least $500 through Crowdrise to help support the mission of Team PH (research and patient programs)
    • Submit some basic information and photos to us
    • Wear the Team PH race kit and promote PH awareness through your sport
    • Submit a blog post (500-800 words plus a photo; we want to know what racing with Team PH means to you!)


    What is the fundraising requirement, and how do I do this?

    We ask each athlete to raise a minimum of $500 during the calendar year. We will help you create a Crowdrise page and athlete page on our website that you can use for fundraising.

    Will Team PH pay my race entry fees?


    Where is the team based?

    Although our organization is based in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA, we have team members all over the country and all around the world.

    Each of our athletes choose their own challenge – whether it be running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, mountain climbing, or cross country skiing. Do you have an event not in this list? Let us know! We’d love to talk to you about doing that with Team PH.

    But I don’t think of myself as an elite athlete. How can I participate?

    We want you to choose your event that is a goal or a reach for you. That may be an ultra-marthon or it may be your first 5K. As long as you want to join us in our race against PH, we would love to have you!