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What: Team PH Peloton Corporate Challenge

We are challenging our corporate partners and friends of Team PH from medical centers around the world to become members of Team PHenomenal Hope for one day, and ride with us in this high-profile event at our booth at PHA Conference. You will get an hour to ride and see how far you can go, how many miles you can help us conquer, in the race against PH.

There are several competitions within this challenge, including:

  • Male and female at the top of the leaderboard for distance ridden and kJ burned
  • Top fundraiser – individual and team

When and Where:

June 29-30, Orlando, FL


As a Team PH athlete in our Peloton Bike Challenge, you will:

  • Have your name and your company’s name listed at our booth and in our social media leading up to and on the day of the event
  • Have the opportunity to ride and engage in this unique way with members of the community (live and in the online community)
  • Be entered in a raffle to win a Peloton bike ($2000 value)
  • Get an official Team PHenomenal Hope technical T-shirt, bracelet and water bottle
  • Know you are racing to make a difference
  • Participate in a friendly competition between the other corporate partner racers: Whoever goes the farthest will get a special award.
  • Be paired with and race for a PH patient in our #LetMeBeYourLungs program


To work together with Team PH in our race against PH.

pel·o·ton – the main group of cyclists in a race

Cyclists ride as a pack throughout much of the race, working together and taking turns in the slipstream. At times, a cyclist will jump ahead, make a break, and challenge the others to follow. This makes the whole group work harder, ride faster, and accomplish more than each individual thought possible. We want you to join Team PH in our peloton and race with us for the PH community.



Ready to get started? Register today! Fill out the following form- registration deadline is Friday, May 25, 2018 at Noon CST.

Thank you to the following companies for participating!
Accredo, Actelion, Arena, Bellerophon, Complexa, CVS, Gilead, Liquidia, Reata, United Therapeutics

Team PH would like to thank Peloton Boca Raton for their support! Check out their website at