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April 09,2014

Team.PH.1.1In case you haven’t heard,

Team PHenomenal Hope, a four-woman relay team, will cycle 3,000 miles non-stop across 12 states this June as they compete in the Race Across America.

Heading up this team is pulmonologist and lung transplant specialist Dr. Patricia George, with the UPMC Comprehensive Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Clinic. Together with her team of Team PH Cyclists, Dr. George is racing to support research and a cure for PH.

Want to Learn MORE About What Team PHenomenal Hope is up to?

Of course you do!

Read the latest press release from PRWEB News , to find out just what this amazing team of racers is up to … just released from Silver Spring, MD!

Activities are happening right now, all over the nation to support Pulmonary Hypertension.

  • In solidarity with Team PHenomenal Hope, the PHA will host the PHenomenal Mile, a nationwide day of action, on April 12. To date, 77 groups in 30 states, plus Puerto Rico, have committed to walk a mile or engage in some form of physical action to help raise awareness of PH.
  • Lauren Boyton will be holding a PHenomenal Mile event at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in memory of her best friend Brooke Golden, a PH patient who lost her battle with the disease at age 22.
  • In Euclid, Ohio, the Godina family will walk in in memory of their daughter Ellie, who lost her battle with the disease at age 2 ½.

And that’s not all. You too can help support research and those supporting a cure for pulmonary hypertension. If you are interested in learning more about PH, or about Team Phenomenal Hope and their efforts at Race Across America, check out Team PHenomenal Hope at RAAM.



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