Forward Momentum to Serve the PH Community

July 26,2018

It has been a busy and exciting month at Team PHenomenal Hope. Our athlete-based program continues to be productive with several race events. Nearly all of our solar chargers have been distributed to pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients in Puerto Rico. (Please read our “The Unheard Voices of Puerto Rico” patient stories section on our website to get an idea of the conditions that still persist there.) We have recently completed our highly successful Peloton Bike Challenge leading up to and culminating at the PHA’s International PH Conference. It was inspiring to see so many industry leaders, physicians, nurses, athletes, and patients involved in this event. A huge thank you to all!

The level of caring for the PH community was overwhelming. Forty-one participants rode the Peloton bike 568.88 miles and burned 17114 kilojoules of energy. Twenty-six participants were matched with Let Me Be Your Lungs (LMBYL) patients. Our booth was buzzing with patients, industry leaders, and medical professionals, all of whom are passionate about helping the PH community. Patients also participated, and pedometers were handed out to them to count their steps during the conference. The patient with the highest step count (33,000 steps) won a Team PH prize.

For us, the PHA conference was invaluable for interacting with the community, inspiring others, and, most of all, being inspired in what we do on a daily basis to race to make a difference. In addition to having fun and raising awareness, we were able to raise funds leading up to this event, which will be put to immediate use to support Team PHenomenal Hope programs like LMBYL.

We have some exciting news! Through events such as the Peloton Bike Challenge, our athlete-based fundraising, and contributions from donors such as yourself, we are excited to announce that we will be reopening applications and awarding microgrants to patients through the Team PH Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund. This fund is designed to address the unmet needs of people living with pulmonary hypertension through a series of direct-to-patient microgrants that match the immediate unmet needs in their life. These are non-medical, but still critical needs of those living with PH. Please see our website for more information and an application form.

We invite people on the PH journey to share their stories with us via video or written form to help us share with people outside the PH community what life is like living with PH. Also, please consider joining our Let Me Be Your Lungs program.

We hope that you are inspired by what we do to build awareness and support our PH community. Please consider making a donation to support our ongoing efforts to make a difference in the lives of people with pulmonary hypertension. You may make a donation online at or by check to Team Phenomenal Hope, P.O. Box 1115, Beloit, WI, 53512.

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