Hap Farber’s 2017 Rad am Ring Reflections

August 28,2017

I have spent two weeks thinking about the experience at Rad am Ring; probably more than I should have. But, it really was that unforgettable.

I kept trying to find a way to convey the energy of the scene, the passion of the participants/teams, and the incredible course we raced on. Furthermore, how to convey the hospitality of our German hosts and the thrill of meeting Team PHenomenal Hope members from around the world (especially the huge contingent from Germany) knowing and appreciating that everyone was working toward the same goal?

And, to convey the feeling of riding with Patty as she gutted out her last lap and, of course, the insanity of bombing down the “descent” at >60 mph thinking “this seems reasonable; what could possibly go wrong” and (true story) finding out when I got back to Boston that my wheels had been recalled by Zipp for a manufacturing flaw.


But, as much as I try, I can’t because, unless you were actually there and could take it all in, it really is impossible to understand the feelings of those of us who lived it.

In sum, it really was an incredible race and experience – WOW! Nuff said.

Hap Farber


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