Hawaii updates, Days 1 and 2

April 25,2013

My trip to Hawaii is amazing so far!  Simply put, Hawaii is amazing.  Everything about it is amazing: the brilliant blue of the ocean, the sound of wind rushing through the palm trees (it sounds like it’s raining!), the chirp/click noises the geckos make (I’ve yet to actually see them), the exotic flowers, the macadamia nut coffee (I swear, it’s better than coffee at home!), the coconut cream ice cream, the breathtaking scenery, the banana bread.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be here, having this experience!

Tuesday’s ride was in the “up-country”, the central part of the eastern section of Maui.  We cycled on incredibly smooth and scenic roads to the coastline, along jagged lines of black volcanic rock.  Beyond that was miles and miles of sapphire blue water.   The first part of the ride was mostly downhill, and the second part packed a ton of climbing- as in 45+ minutes of continuous climbing!  Thankfully the scenery was so gorgeous that it was a good distraction!

Wednesday’s ride started out flat, as we worked our way in a 70 mile loop around the western portion of Maui.  The flat sections were only a warm-up for the climbing though, which came later in the ride.  Some of the climbs were pretty tough, but the views from the top were rewarding after a tough effort.  We randomly found a fruit stand along the side of the road and indulged in fresh papaya and home-made banana bread, which provided some much-needed energy for the last few climbs of the ride.

Here are some photo highlights of my trip so far!


Hawaii, Day 1 011

View of the beach across from our house

Hawaii, Day 1 009

Plumeria, the flowers traditionally used to make leis


Hawaii Day 2 015

View of the coastline on Tuesday’s ride

Hawaii Day 2 017

Me with my steed for the week!


Hawaii Day 2 029

Beautiful purple flowering trees!

Hawaii Day 3 089

Hawaii Day 3 085

Me with the tastiest banana bread ever!


Hawaii Day 3 058

Hawaii Day 3 051

Hawaii Day 3 033

Hawaii Day 3 015

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