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June 03,2014


Soupie, Tom and Pete, contemplating the vastness of the Team PH RV

Wu Tang Clan wrote a hip hop smash hit about it. A former governor of Arkansas passed it off as a secret service vehicle to impress the ladies. A Las Vegas magician made it disappear, only to have it remain lost for three years. It was rediscovered in Tibet, serving the Dalai Lama.

What are we talking about? The Team PHenomenal Hope RV. No, this ain’t your Daddy’s golf cart. This is Charlie Sheen’s golf cart, back when it meant something to be Charlie Sheen. This 22,000 pound behemoth floats like Franco Harris and purrs like a Maserati.

And while absolutely none of those descriptions are true, reality will blur when you first see it. And no, the Dalai Lama never rode it, but he would have. And on its spiritually transcendent inner spring mattress, he’d sleep with the peace of the Buddha himself. (This statement is also not likely to be true).

It’s got a steering wheel the size of a manhole cover, it has more cup holders than Rhode Island and it handles like a Buick. A very large Buick. With bunk beds.


Tom at the door

And did we mention that it’s got propane? Yeah baby, lots and lots of propane. (Seriously, it’s got propane).

The first time you enter its 36 chambers and hear that raceinspired engine roar to life, you will ask yourself…is this really happening? Am I about to cross America with the only recreational vehicle to win the Formula One Gran Prix of Monaco? Yes, my friend. You’re doing it. There will be many unbelievable moments on this trip, including a sleep deprived hallucination or twoThere will be times when the impossible is suddenly possible, when you realize that all the training and preparation and broken derailleurs and sweat and tears have come together for this single moment, when you realize… you’re doing it.

Our “home away from home” is at Printscape as we speak. We will be unveiling her shortly…

And she needs a name…


Our RV, before she gets restyled by Printscape

Our RV, before she gets restyled by Printscape

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