Hurricane Harvey Patient Impact Fund Update

September 15,2017

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Hurricane Irma and the PH Community

With the help of our friends at PHAware, Blue Lips Foundation, and Reata Pharmaceuticals, the Hurricane Harvey Patient Impact Fund was set up in less than 24 hours, and began assisting PH patients in need within 48 hours of implementation. We have been able to successfully assist 11 applicants, granting $500 in funds to help alleviate some of the immediate affects of Hurricane Harvey. With the damage still being uncovered and surveyed, we expect to receive dozens more applications.

This fund is helping people with things like hotel stays while their homes are not livable, replenishing food reserves that were lost, replacing a damaged refrigerator unit to store medication, or buying an AC window unit to help them through the heat and humidity.

One of our recipients shared with us, “I have roof damages to my home from Hurricane Harvey. My spouse and I are both disabled, and now I have to decide whether I am able to pay for my insurance or my medication or food for us to eat.”

Another recipient said, “I have been under mandatory evacuation from my home for 5 days, and my oxygen concentrator stopped working last night. I took it to get repaired, and my car broke down on the way picking up my loaner oxygen.”

Our Texas community of PH patients is facing an incredible road block, but with the help of the Hurricane Harvey Patient Impact Fund, we are providing a hand in getting people back on their feet. With nearly $2000 in personal donations coming in, our hope is that this fund will become sustainable throughout the year to assist patients across the country with non medical unmet needs.

As Hurricane Irma grew stronger in the Atlantic and it became evident the impact it would bring to Florida. With the goal of continuing this fund in mind, we immediately put into place the Hurricane Irma Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund. This is bringing assistance to PH patients in Florida the same way it provided help to patients in Texas. Read more about the Hurricane Irma Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund here.

Do you hear the call to action? Donate here to the Hurricane Irma Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund and help us continue to help those with unmet needs.

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