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September 11,2017

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Hurricane Irma and the PH Community

Team PHenomenal Hope led a coalition of PH Advocacy groups and related parties to provide assistance to those in hurricane disaster areas of the United States through our Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund program. This emergency grant was meant to assist those with pulmonary hypertension in the communities affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Funds were dispersed quickly upon grant approval.

Help us help PH patients affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate to replenish this fund today.


Apply for Relief Now

Applications are now closed. All awards have been accounted for. Approved applicants received up to $500 in emergency support money either via PayPal or US Mail, whichever was elected by the recipient.

About the Project

On Saturday, September 9th, the extremely powerful and unusually large Hurricane Irma hit the Keys of Florida, and it continued through the weekend to move North over the state. Among those people affected are members of our PH community.

This storm has left millions of Floridians without power, and the damage will be in the billions of dollars. During the recovery period, those in Florida with PH may not have working air conditioning, which can be devastating in the Florida heat and humidity. They may have water or wind damage to their property, or complete loss of foods, should their refrigeration not be restored in time. Our goal is to help with emergency micro-grants that help stabilize them in the short term and help our PHriends get firm footing to move forward.

Interested in providing corporate support through this outreach effort? Email today:

Terms of Grants

Terms: We will offer financial assistance for non-medication needs that may not be covered through traditional means (such as health insurance). Such needs would include, but not be limited to, money for rides to a PH clinic or hospital if a patient’s car has been damaged, funds to help repair equipment such as an electric bed that helps with breathing, or funds to help with an element affected by Irma that negatively impact a patient’s life. This grant is meant exclusively for those in the pulmonary hypertension community.

Between our Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria efforts, we had a combined total of $28,000 $39,595 $40,000 available to assist those in the areas of Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico affected by those hurricanes.

PHAware® has partnered with us during this urgent time and matched our initial $10,000 effort with $10,000 of their own funds. Thanks to our friends at!

Gilead has generously donated $10,000 to this effort.

Our friends at Blue Lips Foundation have committed $2,500 $5,000 $5,500! to assist those in need, as well! Thank you, Blue Lips Foundation!

Finally, our friends at Reata Pharmaceuticals have donated $2,000 to this effort!

And we’ve received numerous and generous donations from people just like you.

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Reata Pharmaceuticals

Thank You

We received many generous donations to help victims of Irma and Maria. Together we helped those lives who were hurting and took care of our PHamily in Florida and Puerto Rico. Funds donated to this effort went to the Patient Impact fund and directly to PH patients.

Unclaimed/unused funds will be directed towards our Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund program, for use to help PH patients who have unmet needs in 2018.

Please Spread the Word

Thank you to our friends, donors, and support group leaders who spread the word and promoted this important aid project.

Thank you,

Team PHenomenal Hope

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