Intro: Live Your Dream

January 05,2016

We have been reminiscing, thinking about the past 2+ years on Team PHenomenal Hope, the races and the adventures, mulling over in our minds what might resonate from our experiences.

We realized that everyone has a race in their life. And everyone involved with PH is right now in a common race – to fight and beat pulmonary hypertension.

Whether they are a patient living with pulmonary hypertension, or a health professional caring for that patient, whether they are a support group leader connecting patients to the wider support network of PHA, or a staff member in the PHA headquarters helping to create a safety net, we are all in this same race together, the race against PH.

And as we’ve learned from hearing people’s stories along the way, there is value to sharing our experiences, to knitting our efforts together. That value is that sharing brings people together and builds community.

This is a moment for the PH community to connect with one another and build up our community, both for ourselves and for each other.

These past two, almost three years have been incredible for Team PHenomenal Hope. We have raced in our own race – physical and mental races – on behalf of the PH Community. We want to share how that came to be and the lessons we learned.

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