Janice Ralton

February 04,2016

In 2004 I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. I was told to watch my diet and to exercise. Little did I know what this would lead to?

I was retired aged 62 and was able to go walking every day but after some months I found myself becoming very breathless. This wasn’t right so off to the doctor who referred me to a Cardiologist and was put through the usual tests.

I was due to go to Australia and had to wait on results. I was more concerned about the trip than the results. I did get to go on my trip!

I was put on Cilapril and Metoprolol and although I tolerated the medications I lost my appetite and 8kgs in 8 months; enough that friends passed me in the street.

I was then seen by the Rheumatologist and in 2005 was admitted to hospital for an Illoprost infusion. I was then diagnosed with Scleroderma with PH as a secondary condition.

I am now on Bosentan and Digoxin, Sildenafil and various other pills. I also have to do a 6 minute walk with the respiratory nurse at the hospital as this result goes to my Cardiologist as he has to apply to Pharmac for me to receive the medication.

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