Jennifer Hampton’s PH Story

March 06,2017

I was on a summer vacation with my husband and kids. My son was giving me a hard time because I worked out all time and I was always telling my kids to workout and be healthy but yet I couldn’t walk up the stairs or a hill without getting winded. I vowed I was going to join a gym instead of doing my at-home workout.

When we got back home I joined a gym and pushed myself. Unfortunately it was too much and I collapsed.

I went to see my doctor who did a stress echo and they noticed the right side of my heart was enlarged. She sent me to a cardiologist who did more tests and a right heart catheterization to confirm the diagnosis of PAH.

After many other tests with my pulmonologist, my final diagnosis was IPAH. It’s only been two short months that I have been diagnosed and already started on 2 out of 3 medications. I am still waiting for one to get approved.

I have hope that at my recheck they will see improvement and I can get off my oxygen.

Hope for 2017!

Hope for 2017!

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