Jessica Romanias

June 13,2016

Let Me Be Your Lungs. Let me push myself to the point of breathlessness during a few months of training. Let me live a handful of hours per week in your shoes.

This campaign was not only motivational for the patients, but it was also motivational as an athlete in training. It’s natural, and even encouraged, as a medical professional to keep relationships with patients on a strictly professional level.

However, once I broke that barrier, and began to see each of these patients for who they truly are outside of their disease, the training became personal.

My PH partner for the Pittsburgh Marathon was Julia. I read Julia’s story and I was even lucky enough to spend a day with her a few weeks prior to the race.

Similar to many patients with PH, Julia doesn’t let her disease define her. Nor does she let it hold her back from doing what she loves. That right there speaks volumes.

It was – and is – an honor to race for Julia, and for all patients with Pulmonary Hypertension.

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