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February 17,2022

This year is our 10th anniversary year with Team PHenomenal Hope, and we are excited about the relaunch of our Let Me Be Your Lungs program.

What is Let Me Be Your Lungs? In this program, we partner athletes with people who live with pulmonary hypertension, and provide athletes a toolkit that includes racing gear and tips on how to spread the word about Team PH and pulmonary hypertension. Being paired with a patient is optional, but we get excited about building these unique teams in the race to make a difference. Our goal is to give the athlete meaning for the endurance challenge of choice, beyond their personal record goals, and bring people who live with PH out of isolation and onto this team to help us raise awareness. 

In return, we ask the athlete to fundraise this year and raise a minimum of $650 over the course of the whole year. This helps support our Let Me Be Your Lungs program as well as other Team PH programs, such as the Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund, or the PHenomenal Impact Fund for PH Research.

Our athletes participate in endurance challenges of their choice and secure their own entires. Whether you enjoy walking or jogging 5Ks on the weekend, cycling a century, competing in a triathlon, or running a marathon, there is room for you on the team. 

Get started and join the team today! Signing up is quick and simple. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to This is our fundraising page platform. If you check out the page and scroll down, you can see other folks’ fundraising pages listed. Click “Sign Up” in the top right hand corner of the page and follow through the process of creating an account and customizing your page. (Please do this before 2/28 so we can meet the challenge!*) 

2. Once you’re ready to start fundraising, just share the link to your fundraising page with potential donors. We will share with you all kinds of fundraising tools and tips, as well as other helpful resources.

3. Let us know if you know someone living with PH of who you would like to race in honor of. If you don’t know someone, we can pair you with a patient from our community.

Can’t commit to joining the team right now? Don’t sweat it! Help us spread the word and recruit your friends and family to join. Thanks for your support–looking forward to another great year ahead.

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