June 2017 Letter from the Director

June 20,2017

2017 is turning into a very special year for Team PHenomenal Hope. We have grown and plan to continue to grow our Board of Directors, adding some really outstanding individuals to our already wonderful group. We have raised over $90,000 this year so far for medical research into PH treatments and hopefully a cure. Our athlete team has grown to 93 racers around the world, including our amazing partner teams in Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. We have expanded our #LetMeBeYourLungs program to include 25 patients already for the year, and we hope to continue that trend.

Most importantly, we are building community with PH patients and their caregivers. We know that everyday when we get to work, it is the patients we are laboring for. When the athletes train and race – it is for the patients. When I ask for support from someone from the corporate community, I am thinking of the faces and names of the patients.

Our “special year” only counts if we do it all for our PHriends and loved ones who are suffering under the weight of this terrible, “dastardly disease.” We want to make every day count.

I hope you will join us to celebrate the rest of this special year by reaching out to someone you know who has PH. Just give them a hug, or a phone call to say hi. Let them know you are glad to be in their life, and they in yours. Do it today – you never know what tomorrow may bring. Hopefully sometime soon, we’ll beat this disease and know that whatever comes tomorrow, we won’t have to worry about PH being a factor.

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