Kristen’s Pioneer Blog – part 2

January 17,2016

We return to Kristen’s training blog, for installment 2 describing the preparation work she does even with her busy OR schedule. Read her update. Proud to be racing with Kristen Engle.



After missing yesterday’s active recovery ride, I was ready to go all out today. Another challenging day on the spin bike at the gym. Today was special. Really special. My kit came in the mail, overnight from Pittsburgh. It’s official, I am on Team PHenomenal Hope!

Spinning, grinding, pushing to 100%. It was brutal. I loved it! The gigantic poster on the wall across the gym of Arnold in his buff, totally ripped days morphed into the New Zealand Alps. Up the hill I went! Without a silly gadget to measure rpms I tried one-Mississippi for the grind. For over 110 rpm, I repeated PHenomenal Hope, really quickly, over and over again. It’s hard to suffer when one is delirious with stupid ideas. For the intervals, I reviewed what I have learned about the history of New Zealand. Having survived yet another workout, feeling closer to the race, more confident, I let the thoughts flow as I listened to music to cool down. For the moment. This one seemed just perfect.

Listen to Through Your Hands by John Hiatt



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