Live in Barcelona: What We Brought Back from WSPH

July 08,2024

As many of us know, this year is an Olympic year, but did you know that it also was the year of one of our signature events in pulmonary hypertension? The World Symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension is an international meeting that occurs every five years, and it is where major discussions happen with experts in the field about all things related to PH. As an organization, we at Team PH chose to go there and be a part of the meeting in two ways:

By hosting a Unity Walk before the meeting start, and by creating daily live translative broadcasts with experts attending so that our community at home can understand the information being shared at the symposium. We covered many topics inspired by the meeting.

For our Unity Walk, we initiated discussion with friend and colleague, Dr. Lucilla Piccari, who is a pulmonologist at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona. She was all in with the idea and with the support of her director, Diego Rodriguez, became our local organizer in Spain. Our board chair, Dr. Harrison Farber, recruited Vallerie McLaughlin, PH Expert and World Symposium Organizer, to lead our walk. With many planning meetings over Zoom and the support of our staff, the event became a reality, and surpassed our expectations. The event encapsulated what we do at Team PH, and that is enable hope. We brought people together to start off the WSPH on the right foot, so to speak. We also talked with people at the event to create our Messages of Hope from the Unity Walk video, which encapsulates not only the event itself, but the energy of our organization. We invite you to watch it below.

But our work did not end there. On the afternoon after the walk, we headed to Hospital del Mar for our preview show (see below) from the World Symposium, with the first of our four panel discussions. With two GoPro cameras, and the good nature of our panelists, we recorded these sessions and then edited them down to bite-sized topics for our people back at home. It was important to us to also conduct an interview each day in Spanish, both out of respect for the host country and also to create more content for our Spanish-speaking community members at home and around the world.

Our founder, Dr. Patricia George, shared, “Participating in the Unity Walk with patients and members of the PH community and generating information for PH patients inspired by the meeting truly brought me much personal joy as a creator in this space. It was fun to see Team PH bring our vibe abroad and I continue to feel in my soul that Team PH is love in action. I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this event possible, and also thankful for our Let Me Be Your Lungs community, who are the inspiration and the heartbeat of this organization.”

Before diving into all the videos from our weekend at the World Symposium, watch our preview shows below, in English and Spanish, to get your started! Click the links below or view our whole playlist on our YouTube channel.

UNITY WALK RECAP VIDEO with English Subtitles by Andy Redwood (4:33):

UNITY WALK RECAP VIDEO with Spanish Subtitles by Andy Redwood (4:33):

Live from Barcelona Preview Show 28 June 2024 with Lucilla Piccari, Vijay Balasubramanian, Leslie Orlovsky, and Anna Herranz (14:12):

Una conversación Anna Herranz 28 Jun 2024 (4:51):

Live from Barcelona WSPH Day 1 29 June 2024 with Sandeep Sahay and Manuel Lopez-Meseguer (7:15):

Una conversación con Manuel Lopez-Meseguer 29 Jun 2024 (3:31):

Live from Barcelona WSPH Day 2 30 June 2024 with Jean Elwing, Vijay Balasubramanian, and Alejandro Cruz Utrilla (8:08):

Una conversación con Alejandro Cruz Utrilla 30 Jun 2024 (3:26):

Live from Barcelona WSPH Day 3, Part 1 1 July 2024 with Tadeja Ravnik, Nina Kobler, Nidhy Varghese, Lucilla Piccari, and Anna Rodo (7:15):

Live from Barcelona WSPH Day 3, Part 2 1 July 2024 with Tadeja Ravnik, Nina Kobler, Nidhy Varghese, Lucilla Piccari, and Anna Rodo (7:40):

Una conversación con Anna Rodo 1 Jul 2024 (3:25):

Una conversación con Nidhy Varghese 1 Jul 2024 (3:20):

Team PHenomenal Hope THANK YOU 1 July 2024 (1:00):

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