Living Well Now and Beyond: A Patient Perspective

December 15,2021

As part of the Living Well Now and Beyond campaign, we asked to hear from our pulmonary hypertension patient community about their experience in getting back to clinic. Below are three unique experiences from our friends. From being diagnosed with PH just before the pandemic began, to overcoming COVID-19 itself, each account offers a unique perspective on gratitude for where we are now.

“Going back to clinic after all this time working through restrictions was very different. I go to Mount Sinai NYC and we have to stand outside until 15 minutes before our appointment. Once inside, being socially distanced, our temperature is taken, and we are asked questions on if we or anyone in our household have COVID symptoms. After that we are told to take off our masks and wear the one they give us and use hand sanitizer. After these steps, we are then permitted to go to clinic.

My feelings are that I was so glad to be able to see my doctors. I appreciated all the extra precautions. I feel safe, and am so glad that I am alive to be able to receive this help. I know I am blessed because I am here and am eternally grateful my doctors are also here. Truly, all of them are heroines and heroes. I wish I could tell all of them THANK YOU!”

Lenise Whitley

“I myself contracted COVID-19. I must say it has been an amazing journey for me. I had the chance to see how hard our hospital systems work, how much the human body can fight against infection, and how much you can miss your loved ones when you don’t have them sitting next to you watching your favorite show.  I did have the chance to hone in on my computer skills and learn more than I ever planned to about Zoom calls.  

I am getting back to a more solid routine. Appointments less frequently in person are actually refreshing and eye opening. I am thankful for all the nurses, doctors, and staff at every facility I visit. Each of them plays such a vital role in the fight against COVID-19. I will never stop being grateful. As for Zoom, I am thankful we have it, but I much prefer the connection I share with the people I see in person. I don’t worry about whether I will be able to have a reliable connection or if I will hear dogs barking in the background. Loving life no matter what!”

Kenneth Meek

“I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH), functional class three in November of 2019. Over time, my physicians and myself worked through the new technological requirements of the pandemic era and doctors appointments via telehealth. I finally started my new prescriptions and began to find some relief over a period of time. I am thankful for any relief of my symptoms and now that we have a vaccine in place, I can look forward to seeing my doctors in person, getting answers I’ve been waiting for, and the focus of a team of people that truly seem to care and have my best interest at heart. It is a relief to be able to look my physicians in the face, and while I may not love the long drive and added expenses, I am forever grateful to have a team of docs that care and put forth the effort to figure out my health challenges with amazing patience and concern.”

Whitney Marchbanks

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