Love in 2016

February 08,2016

Team PHenomenal Hope is here for the patients of those suffering with pulmonary hypertension.

We race and write and plan and dream and practice (and practice, and practice … ) all because of the patients. So we like to talk about how awesome our PHriends – those patients – are. Every chance we get.

We love them and work everyday to ensure this organization is a place that is fighting on their behalf to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension and that lets them know they have a community who cares for them.

But this February, we want to spend time with a special thank you to another group that makes our work possible – a group who might sometimes be overlooked: Our Corporate Sponsors.

Sure, it’s only February and we’ve already raised almost $16,000 from grassroots donations made by people like you (ahem).

almost $16,000raised!

But let’s face it, without our Presenting Sponsors, the work we do and the reach we have simply wouldn’t be possible.

This February, we want to especially thank UPMC, Bayer Healthcare, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals.

UPMC Sports Medicine

Bayer Logo

Actelion logo


These organizations give generously to help Team PHenomenal Hope reach its mission.

We want every patient with pulmonary hypertension to know that we are here fighting on their behalf. We are raising awareness and building up a community.

And this isn’t just a our own marketing hype. Because in 2016, with the help of these and all our corporate sponsors, we are making it personal.

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