New Year with New Gear! – Riding with Primal in rain or snow

January 20,2014

PrimalCyclingApparel_122014!!  Where did the time go?  Last year at this time I was busy hibernating…. not riding my bike and just being kind of lazy.

Well it’s a new year.  Everyday is a new day and I’m thankful I had the year I did but I’m ready to start this new year on the right pedal!

In September after a few weeks of hearing that my friends Weaver and Bennett were commuting I started commuting with them and I haven’t really looked back – fell in love with commuting. Yeah there were days when I thought, “It’s raining, I don’t want to get wet!! ” Or “It’s a nice morning, but it’s supposed to rain, who wants to ride home in the rain??”  NOT me.  Well for some reason, things change. I changed.  Not sure what it was or when it happened, but somewhere along the way I started to like riding in the rain. You just get used to it.

2013 we were lucky enough to get a kit sponsor for Team PHenomenal Hope from Primal Wear.  They have really made my cold weather commuting so much more bearable.  I never thought that I would get to work and be sweating, let alone not cold.  Our kits are extremely soft and just really well made.  This year we also got a Paradigm jacket and vest.  I don’t know if I can ever commute without that jacket again!!  I only wear a short sleeve t-shirt underneath it and feel as though I could ride all day long.  I wear the vest just for extra wind block but also because it has the 3 pockets so I can store extra stuff on my commute.

Jan2 rideAnyway, Greta and I decided to do some mountain biking on January 2nd.  We were expected to get a bunch of snow, but we were willing to just get out there and get a little ride in. Never did I think I wouldn’t be warm enough.  Of course starting on a climb made sure I would warm up fast.

Even after all my commuting and longer rides, I still get amazed when I get out there in 25-, 30-, 35-degree weather and am perfectly comfortable, if not a little warm.  So happy and feel really lucky to be supported by Primal Wear.  Our jackets have our official RAAM patch on them and everything!!
Trixie (my mountain bike) and I had the chance to hit Hartwood with my spinning groupies.  I’m still learning the trails and again what gear works and had no problems.  Only wish I could figure out how to keep my butt as warm as my upper body and legs.  LOL!!
No matter what I’m wearing (but love my Primal Wear) I feel completely blessed to be apart of such a great team, community (PHA and PH community), and to be able to ride my bike no matter the conditions with so many great people and for such a great cause!
To learn more about and get your own Primal Custom clothing, check out their website. And please check out their page on our website here.

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