Phenomenal Mile is this Saturday

April 11,2014

PHenomenal MileGet your walking shoes on and get ready for a spectacular day.

The Phenomenal Mile is this Saturday!

What is The Phenomenal Day? Only one of the most amazing days of the year, next to Race Across America … but that doesn’t count, because that spans several days!

On April 12, 70+ groups throughout our nation are teaming up with Team PHenomenal Hope to reach for a cure for pulmonary hypertension. It’s one day, and one community united for a common cause.

Thank you, each and every one of you for your support, your hope and your commitment to PH.

Remember, we want to hear about your journey.

If you are one of the many groups teaming up we want to hear about it! Be sure to share copies of your stories, pictures and experiences with us  @TeamPHenomHope

Or, be sure to post pictures and share stories on Facebook. Thanks for your participation and support.

Don’t forget that Team PHenomenal Hope is also preparing for Race Across America on Saturday, June 14th. Known as the World’s Toughest Bicycle Race, our team and crew are prepping for a race that starts in Oceanside California and finishes in Annapolis, MD.

Why? To raise awareness, hope, support and funds for pulmonary hypertension. We hope you will check out RAAM to learn more about how you can participate and support our cause. Stop by the website and sign up for the Ram Report to receive instant updates about RAAM events and information.

Thanks to all of you that have been with us every step of the way in our journey. We appreciate the support of our sponsors, friends and family. We couldn’t have made it this far without you!

We are looking forward to tomorrow as are the many people that will be walking with us throughout the nation.

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