#PHFeelsLike Campaign

April 06,2020

We at Team PH are thrilled to announce the launch of our #PHFeelsLike campaign at teamph.org/ph-feels-like. With the help of our friends Andy Redwood and Lucilla Piccari, we designed this project to capture and share what it feels like to live with pulmonary hypertension, from your unique perspective as someone who has PH.

Our motivation for this campaign stems from the many medical descriptions of PH written from the perspective of physicians and scientists. We feel there is a need to describe this disease from the patient perspective, and we want to do this through creating short video graphics from your input.

While many of us are at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there lies a perfect opportunity to participate in this campaign. We have created a form that includes short answer questions for you to submit your input. Every so often we will add questions to this form, so stay tuned and visit our campaign page periodically to answer more questions.

At the end of each question cycle, we will collect your answers and create a short video graphic from each series of questions.

Participate now at teamph.org/ph-feels-like – we designed this campaign for YOU, and we want to hear what resonates with you.

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