Preparing for World PH Day

April 05,2018

One month from today, May 5th, is World PH Day. Each year on this day, the PH community comes together to spread awareness of pulmonary hypertension, and celebrate the strides we have made to improve the lives of those affected by it. Although our goal every year is to unite the PH community globally, Team PHenomenal Hope is trying a few new things this year to reach this goal.

In the next few weeks leading up to World PH Day, we will be sharing PH stories of patients from around the globe. We hope these stories serve as a source of enlightenment regarding treatment, support, education, and other engaging topics that may bring together patients from all over the world, fighting the same fight. Read those stories and share them here.

Continuing the celebrations, Team PHenomenal Hope Germany is teaming up with Actelion Germany, who has pledged to make a donation for every mile completed on World PH Day. In an effort to further unite the community globally on World PH Day, we invite everyone in our PH community to join our special World PH Day Strava group, an application we use to track athletic activity. On May 5th, take a walk around the park, bike the trails, or go for a run, and use this Strava group. Download the Strava app to your phone, and join our group titled, World PH Day with Team PHenomenal Hope to track your miles. Our goal is to show support for the PH community by logging as many miles as possible on this day.

At the end of the day, we will tally just how many miles were completed for the cause. You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we provide mileage updates.

We created a special World PH Day graphic that we hope embodies the unity we hope to create over the course of the next few weeks, and on World PH Day. We encourage you to share our graphic to show you are part of this movement! Make it your Facebook profile picture, Twitter photo, share on Instagram, or simply share on your Facebook timeline. Our global teams will also be sharing this special graphic in their languages as well.

Whether you are sharing global stories of PH, our World PH Day graphic, or cheering on Team PH athletes all over the world to race as many miles possible, we encourage you to join this global celebration, unity, and awareness with us. Learn more about our World PH Day efforts at

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