Interested in Starting a Global Chapter?


Our International Team Development program is a model that enables Team PHenomenal Hope to impact Pulmonary Hypertension in a special and unique way around the world.

Our work with Paula Menezes and the success of Team PH Brasil has spurred an interest from advocates in the PH community from around the world who want to bring this grassroots model to their home country.

Through partnerships with athletes and our network of known leaders in the international Pulmonary Hypertension community, we are laying the foundation for a global movement.

Our global teams seek to use endurance racing to raise awareness of PH and to:

  • improve access to care and medications for PH patients
  • raise money for medical research into improved treatments or a cure
  • bring patients out of isolation and build community with them and the athletes who race for them

Through our international team development program, we will provide partnering countries with resources to help them market their racing team.

Current teams are: Brasil, Mexico, Germany, and South Africa.

Team PH Mexico

Team PH Germany

Team PH Belgium