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One of the ways Team PHenomenal Hope seeks to build community with those suffering from Pulmonary hypertension is connect our athletes directly with patients. We call this program Let Me Be Your Lungs.

Individuals with Pulmonary Hypertension have difficulty carrying out basic tasks that most of us take for granted – walking up stairs, carrying a laundry basket, or shopping for groceries. Endurance athletes, on the other hand, have incredible lung capacity. They can run a marathon, swim three miles, or cycle a century.

We match our athletes up with volunteer patient participants. Athletes race for their match. Patients rally to support their athlete by providing encouragement or helping them with fundraising. Together, they are a duo working to raise awareness of this critical illness and the need for continuously improved treatments and a cure.

We prefer to make matches within our athlete’s local community or region because we do encourage athletes to meet with their match in person or even at a PH group event. Sometimes, such relationships become life changing – for the patient and the athlete.

PH patient and LMBYL participant Kirsten Braley shares,

It is truly remarkable that 400 athletes globally accept the challenge to join Team PHenomenal Hope. The level of commitment each athlete (and their family) makes toward training and competing is immeasurable. I am humbled that Harold (as well as his wife, Stephanie, and their daughters, Mia and Emma) sacrifice time, financial resources, and physical strain to raise awareness and funds for pulmonary hypertension.

When our athletes race, they race for their patient matches. Likewise, our patient partners encourage and support their athletes. They might do this by showing up to cheer in person, or rally on social media, or join as a fundraising partner.

Pairs are encouraged to share their PH story through social media and in their fundraising emails, and initiate conversations about what pulmonary hypertension is and why more medical research into treatments or a cure is needed, and the important role Team PHenomenal Hope plays.

We don’t always have contact with a patient in every city, but believe me, when we do, they are excited to have someone race on their behalf. It means a lot to him or her.

Nikki Linscott shares about the hope her daughter Callie’s LMBYL partner brings to their family:

When your child is diagnosed with a chronic illness, you go through a life-shattering change where life as you know it breaks into pieces. Over time as we have learned to adapt to our new normal, we see who the people are in our lives that remain standing by our side. Then there are new ones who appear by your side and shine a light into an otherwise dark and scary unknown future. Christine Walsh is one of those angels we have been blessed to meet along the way. She has shown us the true spirit of selflessness and compassion through her efforts with TPH to raise funds and earn medals for Callie. We are so grateful to Team PH for connecting us and for providing a platform for people like Christine and all the other amazing athletes to do what they love in honor of PH patients.

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