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March 21,2014


Team Phenomenal Hope

Team Phenomenal Hope

RAAM is just three short months away. Save the DATE, Saturday June 14, 2014 (FLAG DAY), and mark your calendars for our team start date for this PHENOMENAL day.

For those of you new to this website, you may be wondering, what exactly is Race Across America? It’s only the most incredible bicycle race stretching from one side of the country to the other! It’s a race that raises hope and awareness for dozens of the nation’s most amazing charitable causes. Do we really race across America? Yes, we do, from coast to coast.

Why do we race? Team PHenomenal Hope races to raise awareness, funds for research and a cure, and hope for Pulmonary Hypertension.

Pulmonary Hypertension does relate to the arteries, and can affect the way your blood moves, but not in the way you think. Normally when people think of “hypertension” they automatically think of stress, tension, eating too many fatty foods, or going to the doctor and get a prescription for blood pressure lowering medications resulting from a cuff measurement. Not so with PHA.

PH (not a salivary test either!) is a life-changing illness that results when the blood vessels in the lungs are no longer able to push blood through the lungs efficiently. This causes the right side of your heart to go into overdrive, resulting in a host of unwanted and sometimes deadly symptoms.

You may have PH if:

  • You feel short of breath.
  • Experience light headedness.
  • Experience swelling in your lower extremities.
  • Experience chest pain.
  • Feel faint or have fainting spells.
  • Your lips or fingers turn blue.
  • Feel your heart is racing or have heart palpitations.
  • Have NO symptoms at all.

Of course, these signs and symptoms may suggest another health condition entirely! If you have any symptoms you should always visit your healthcare provider for a checkup. Your doctor is the best person to diagnose any health condition.

Team PHenomenal Hope is racing for a cure, is racing for hope. Our goal includes honoring the patients that suffer from PHA in addition to funding new medical and treatment ideas.

Has PHA affected your life? Share your stories with us. Thank you for joining us, we look forward to being a part of your life.

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