Reflections on the PHenomenal Hope 5K

April 10,2016

The PH5K is more than just a race. It’s a day where many different storylines come together. Stories like Julia’s, an incredible journey from being given a critical diagnosis and then fighting back, not giving up, and building the largest PH awareness event in Pittsburgh. And like her many patients in the PH community come out on a day dedicated to showing the rest of the world a little bit about pulmonary hypertension and also that these people will not let it get the better of them. It’s also a story of their families and friends, unified in T-shirt color, face paint and definitely in spirit, supporting their PHriend and each other. It’s a story about docs and nurses and researchers coming together outside the clinic and lab to literally rally around those for whom they work. It’s a story about people in the industry and students in the University, recruiting & working with friends to help support this event. It’s a story about athletes and members of Team PHenomenal Hope, who get it that there are people who deserve someone to listen to what a diagnosis of PH means, and run for and with them. And it’s a story of reunions, seeing old and new friends, and the beauty of a truly genuine Pittsburgh community.

The PH5K is hometown quest to make a difference in the lives of PH patients and a celebration of those very patients who won’t give up.
And it exemplifies what I so love about Pittsburgh and the PH Community.
Thank you, Julia Long Feitner, for all you do as the driving force behind this, and for giving this beautiful gift from your heart today. And thank you to my teammates, friends and community for racing to make a difference.

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