Renewed Hope for a PHemomenal 2021

January 22,2021

The new year has started with renewed hope. With evidence of a successful vaccine for COVID-19 and distribution across the United States underway, there is hope for a level of normalcy to return to our lives in 2021. While we are busy setting our goals for the year and beyond, we are eager to move forward with you, the PH community.

Our endurance program season has begun, and many of our team members have already secured virtual race entries. We have hope that the racing season will return to in-person later in the year, but for now we continue training, racing virtually, and raising funds to support our mission. If you or someone you know is interested in running/walking a 5K, participating in a bike race, or another kind of endurance challenge, big or small, all while working toward a cure for PH, visit for more information and to join the team today!

Because of financial contributions from events like the PHenomenal Hope 5K and the Tour of PHenomenal Hope, we are thrilled to announce we will open the PHenomenal Impact Fund for Global PH Research to applicants on Monday, January 25th. Investigators interested in applying for a $50,000 to conduct research in the field of PH should visit to see eligibility requirements and submit a letter of intent. We are looking forward to granting this award to improve the lives of those with PH and ultimately find a cure.

Thanks to your support in 2020, Team PH was able to secure three donor matching grants totaling $25,000. This will allow us to keep our Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund going in 2021. PH patients who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to apply. Visit our fund page at to see our eligibility requirements. The fund reopens on Monday, February 1 at noon CST.

You may make your donation to support Team PH’s efforts this year online at or by check to Team PHenomenal Hope, P.O. Box 1115, Beloit, WI 53512. If you would like to learn about giving options such as stock transfers, IRA rollovers, and other tax advantaged giving, please contact me directly at

Thank you to all the wonderful patients, athletes, volunteers, sponsors, staff, and board for all you do to support Team PH. We look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond!

Linda Appleby
Executive Director
Team PHenomenal Hope

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