Sarah Matthews: “What a week…actually what a month!”

September 22,2017

What a week…actually what a month…and I do have a job too….I promise!!
I had a fantastic week at the end of July racing for Team PHenomenal Hope at the Rad Am Ring in Nurburg, Germany. It was a great opportunity to hang out with my dad who lives in England, and also meet Wendy, the brother of Tommy Vansteenkiste and her lovely partner Erik.

Fast forward a week and I was back in Sydney, jet lagged and working overtime to justify the break.
But fast forward another week and I was back at the airport, this time heading off to represent Australia in the age group Duathlon World Championships in Penticton, BC, Canada.

I usually only race long course triathlon and I had only done one duathlon previously….the qualifier for the 2017 Australian team, which was also a much shorter race. So, you can imagine it was a bit daunting turning up on race morning to represent your country at a distance and discipline previously untested! On the flip side, given I had nothing to prove and that I had come all this way, why not just enjoy it?!

Boy was it tough! There is no pacing yourself like in long course triathlon….you go go go…and then go some more, right from the start! It starts with a 10 km run then just when your legs are really tired, you jump on your bike and ride 40 km…fast! Now really really tired? Well then, get off your bike (quickly!)…and run some more-5km to be precise. And yes, those 5 km were long and hard. I had nothing in reserve to overtake anything in the last km so was very happy to cross the line 2 hours, 33 minutes after starting.
Did I enjoy it? Nooooo…. will I do it again? Yes….

I am always proud to represent my country and Team PH, and given that the 2018 World
Championship is in Denmark how could I miss out? I have already investigated qualifiers.

Following the race, two great things happened:
Firstly I went up to Banff for some recovery time….of course on my bike….and got some stunning photos.
Then, I signed up to Race across America with Tommy as a pair representing Team PHenomenal Hope in 2018. What a great week/month!

Sarah Matthews


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