Special Announcement: Racing in New Zealand

December 17,2015

In January, Team PHenomenal Hope heads to… New Zealand!

We are sending two duos to New Zealand to race in The Pioneer through New Zealand’s pristine Southern Alps.

This is the first race of its kind to link together more than 500 kilometers of farm tracks, New Zealand Cycle Trails, double track and single track riding in a very special part of the world where soaring mountain peaks, crystal-clear blue lakes, and golden high country await.

Racers will ride for seven days, and climb a lot – more than 15,000 meters (almost 50,000 feet)

Racers will ride for seven days, and climb a lot – more than 15,000 meters (almost 50,000 feet) by the end of the race. Racers must race as duos and keep within two minutes of one another. This is the back-country, after all.

With this race, our team yet again expands in members and in going to new horizons, sending racers off road and over mountains, racing for those who work to breathe.

Joining Team PHenomenal Hope on our Pioneer New Zealand team are a PH specialist duo: with Harrison “Hap” Farber, Boston University professor, ultra-endurance athlete, and our Pioneer “ringleader,” and Patricia George, UPMC PH specialist, ultracyclist and long-time member of Team PH; and a women’s duo: with Thea Kent, mountain biker powerhouse from Boston, and Kristen Engle, general surgeon and fearless cyclist living in Pittsburgh with a love for the trails.

Together these two teams will be racing in New Zealand, using this event as a lightning rod to raise awareness about pulmonary hypertension in New Zealand and beyond, as well as to raise funds to find a cure.

we also want to crush our fundraising goal

Not only do we intend to crush the Southern Alps, but we also want to crush our fundraising goal and raise $1 per for every meter climbed – that is more than $15,000 that will support pulmonary hypertension research and patient services. And for this, we need YOU! Please join us in this race and donate today to Team PHenomenal Hope – The Pioneer.

Make sure you follow us on our website, social media, and please join us in this big race today in The Pioneer!

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