Team News from November 2016

December 05,2016

November was a busy month for Team PH!

In Clermont, Florida, Joseph and Kathleen Richardson, Joe Poché, and Carol Walker endured 100+ miles and 4000+ feet of vertical climbing at Horrible Hundred. Each athlete pedaled on with the names of 7 different PH patient names on their backs – a beautiful reminder of how meaningful these events are to both patients and athletes.

In Long Beach, Ornah Levy and Jonathan Broome organized a wonderful PH Awareness walk on a beautiful sunny day, to celebrate, well, being alive to enjoy it! The afternoon was filled with food and music, as well as love and support from family, friends and fellow Team PH members.

Meanwhile in Brasil, Amanda Budzowski Garbada, Christian Garbada and Michael Bauer made their way down to Maresias to to unite with our Brazil Team in the Maresias to Bertogia race.

Team PHenomenal Hope Brazil invited 3 athletes from the United States to join their team in their goal of petitioning Brazilian federal government to provide dignity to pulmonary hypertension patients, and to review and revise their Federal Medical Protocol to allow patient’s access to all therapies available worldwide, isolated and/or combined.

The entire experience was not only a monumental mark in Team PH history, but also an overwhelmingly emotional and inspirational moment for us. If it weren’t for the incredible strength of support from the PH patients, the Team wouldn’t have been able to complete the rigorous 75K course.

Congratulations to all!

Patty George had the amazing opportunity to have participated in the Chicago marathon. Inspired by PH Patient Benita Kosaira, Patty successfully completed her first marathon in 8 years. If that wasn’t rewarding enough, she also participated in the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships back in Denver, Colorado not even 4 weeks later. This time, she raced for PH patient Ornah Levy. “This is what Team PH
is about:”, Patty says, “athletes pushing themselves for others, and patients who motivate us to keep going”.

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