Team PH joins PHA in Race of Our Lives

August 18,2013


1176194_595210278549_385908714_nIt’s the late days of Summer, and with August bringing gorgeous Autumn-like weather, we sure have enjoyed biking of late. Whether it’s on the roads or in the woods, racing, training,  or just commuting, Team PH members have been logging miles this summer, experimenting with “going long” on the bike, and just having fun. In the midst of this we hit August, the month of final summer vacations, the month of barbecues and fireflies, and the month of many exciting announcements from Team PHenomenal Hope. There are moments when it hits us, that this dream is becoming a reality, that this vision is taking on its own momentum, its own spirit, its own flight. Here is a brief recap of the excitement thus far…

Walking PHor a Cure1002173_595216845389_1161796365_n

Walking PHor a Cure, August 11, 2013 – This was the 2nd Annual Walking PHor a Cure event, and the FIRST Unity Miles Event in a Kickoff of the Race of Our Lives Campaign. Organized by Merle Reeseman and the local Pittsburgh PH support group, this event was a success. Gorgeous weather, wonderful company, and overall great vibes. Roni Rivera came out from PHA Headquarters, and Ryanne and Patty


Photos courtesy of Fred Jordan

represented Team PHenomenal Hope. We had a blast reuniting with friends made in year 1 as well as meeting new folks on this journey. We enjoyed the walk, listening to inspirational patient stories and Dr. Ray Benza talk about different types of PH, and I think everyone had fun sitting on Carol and Ed’s PHA yellow super motorcycle. We were also excited to officially announce on that day, with our PHA “home team” present, that Team PHenomenal Hope had officially registered in the Race Across America.


RAAM Receipt 2

It’s official

Registering for Race Across America 2014 – So we have registered for many bike rides and races in our lives, and when you sign up you always get a registration confirmation. It is safe to say receiving a message like this was a first for most of us:

So it’s official. You can now view Team PHenomenal Hope on the RAAM website (page is currently under construction).

And then there were 7 – Also announced at the Walk was the addition of our newest member, Sara Harper from Ohio. She will be training as a 2nd alternate racer and join us on crew. To be fully prepared for RAAM, we need a deep “bench” now that Sara joins as a 2nd alternate, we know we will be prepared to start as a strong foursome on June 14, 2014. Sara brings with her exuberance and experience. As a 2-time 4-person team veteran, she adds a new dimension and positive energy to our team.

Proud to be in the Race of our Lives with PHA

Proud to be in the Race of our Lives with PHA

Team PH members talk with PH Support Group leaders in a May 13 web chat – On Tuesday, Ryanne and Patty talked with PH support group leaders about Team PHenomenal Hope, and participated in a conference discussing the launch of the Race of Our Lives Campaign. We are so excited to be a part of this campaign, knowing that together we will raise a lot of awareness about PH as well as funds to find a cure!

Bikes, cameras, action! Video Launch introducing Team PH went live on Friday, August 16 at noon. In July team members were excited to participate in filming a feature video, produced by UPMC. The video introduces the team, talks about pulmonary hypertension, and stars a very special person, Alecia Battaglia, who shares her story about living with PH. We are grateful to our sponsor UPMC for producing this beautiful work, and hope you enjoy it and share it with friends to help spread the word about pulmonary hypertension.

Upcoming Events: That’s How We Roll: An Interactive Conversation with the Cyclists of PHA’s Team PHenomenal Hope – Tuesday, August 20 at 8PM EST. The team is super excited to participate in a live Q&A about Team PH, RAAM, and how we are excited to be in the Race of our Lives with PHA. Want to join? Sign up for PHA’s online Q&A here.

Team PHenomenal Hope GAP Ride – Thursday, August 22 at 6PM at UPMC Sports Medicine on the South Side. Bring your bike, helmet and smile, and join us on an all-level relaxed ride to Point State Park and back.

Team PHenomenal Hope at the Pedal PGH Finish Line Festival – Sunday, August 25. Come ride Pedal PGH and say hi to us at the Finish Line Festival afterwards! Register for Pedal PGH here.

Whew! We are 10 months out from RAAM 2014, and it truly feels like a real kickoff. As the rubber hits the road and we spend lots of time in the saddle, one thing is for sure – these months are going to fly by. Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning as well as those who continue to join us along the way.


More photos from Walking PHor a Cure, courtesy of Fred Jordan:







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