Team PHenomenal Hope takes to the field at the Pittsburgh Power game to raise PH awareness

March 30,2013


Team PH on the Concourse

On Friday, March 29 Team PHenomenal Hope was proud to be the charity partner at the UPMC Sports Medicine Night at the Pittsburgh Power Arena Football Game. This was our first major outreach effort of 2013, and our first opportunity to reach out to many people who likely had never heard about pulmonary hypertension (PH).

For this effort, we worked with our amazing partners, UPMC and PHA, as well as our new sponsor Printscape, to put together an eye-catching table and spread the word about Team PHenomenal Hope, the Race Across America, and most of all – PH. From the Power’s Public Service Announcements during the game and showing a 30s video about Team PH produced by UPMC on the Jumbotron, to giving us a table on the concourse, and a slice of the halftime show, we had a blast getting our message out. Let’s just say the Pittsburgh Power definitely has gained some fans.

AM talking to Power fans

AM talking to Power fans

Most of all, we enjoyed meeting people and telling them whatever we could about PH. If just a few more people know about pulmonary hypertension, and then they tell a few more, and so on, then, well, we’d say that is a success. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the night was a man who approached our table and told the team about how PH had personally touched his life. While he graciously thanked us for what we are doing, it was us who felt truly honored, as his story – like those of so many others – remind us on a daily basis of what this really is about.

It is not just about the bike, it is not even about the race. It is bigger that that. This is about all of us working together to make a difference and defeat PH.


A sincere thanks to those who helped make this evening possible:

The Pittsburgh Power and UPMC Sports Medicine for this opportunity and their support

Our friends at UPMC for continued support including producing an amazing video and designing eye-catching signs, and coming to the game!

PHA for their enthusiastic support and donating purple bracelets – those were a hit – and PH awareness cards

Printscape for printing the beautiful signage and brochures for the event


Empowered by Hope

Empowered by Hope

And most of all, a special thanks to those who became Team PHenomenal HELP:

Tim Bachman
Greg Flood, our photographer
Jenn Keeley and Jess
Traci and Samantha Mcgaha
Carol Moore
Heidi Piatt

Finally, thank you to our families and friends who came out to support the Power and Team PH!


Getting the word out

Out and about and talking Team PH

At the table - bracelets went like hotcakes

At the table – bracelets went like hotcakes

Carol, Tim, and PG pre-game


Greta, our amazing co-chief, passing out bracelets

Greta, our co-chief, passing out bracelets

Ryo on the bike with her winning smile

Ryo on the bike with her winning smile

Awesome support from Jess, Jenn and Tim

Awesome support from Jess, Jenn and Tim

Riding for PHA

Riding for PHA























More Photos from the evening here (click on photos to see larger):


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