Team PHenomenal Hope is Sponsored by … You!

February 04,2015

Sponsored by… YOU!

Team PHenomenal Hope will continue our early sponsorship drive now through March. We are looking for supporters to join us in our race to the ultimate finish line – the cure for pulmonary hypertension.

In upcoming issues we will highlight major sponsors who have joined us in our fight against PH.

Team PHenomenal Hope needs YOU!

Community means working together to make our world a little bit better. Together we educate our children, care for the elderly, feed the hungry, support the arts and root for our local sports teams. But there’s so much more.

As a community, we must face a major health problem – little known but devastating – that impacts individuals all over the world.

Pulmonary hypertension, a disease of high blood pressure in the lungs, affects people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. Symptoms range from shortness of breath and fatigue to swelling and ultimately heart failure.

Team PHenomenal Hope is actively recruiting sponsors to join our community in the race against pulmonary hypertension. And we need you!

The Need

Although the exact prevalence of PAH is not known, the American Thoracic Society estimates those living with the disease to number in the hundreds of thousands. While there has been much progress in developing treatments over the past 25 years, there still is no cure. Approximately one in every three patients diagnosed with PAH will not live five years. Despite these alarming statistics, most people know nothing about pulmonary hypertension.

Team PHenomenal Hope, the Charity

We created Team PHenomenal Hope because finding a cure for pulmonary hypertension begins with raising awareness about the disease. Increased knowledge leads to donations supporting researchers in their search for a cure.

Our approach to this goal is bold and exciting. We will use ultra-endurance sports as a platform to both educate people about PH and the need for a cure, as well as to inspire others to rally to our cause.

Team PHenomenal Hope knows our sponsors provide critical support to our cause. To make it easier for you to help, we have tailored several sponsorship levels to best fit your organization’s needs. We will highlight sponsors in the top three levels in our regular newsletters

We also are investigating other fun, creative ways to partner with our 2015 corporate sponsors, so watch for news and announcements to come.

Are you ready to join Team PH in our race towards a cure for pulmonary hypertension? To find out more about how you can join us, please check out our sponsorship information and contact us at

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