Team PHenomenal Hope Roster of Global Athletes Reaches 100

August 14,2017

Team PHenomenal Hope recently hit a major milestone with the recruitment of its 100th global endurance athlete.

The nonprofit’s newest athlete is Jonathan Rigby, president and CEO of SteadyMed Therapeutics based in San Ramon, California. Rigby is an accomplished IRONMAN Triathlete, having competed in 11 of the endurance events.

“I am delighted to be the 100th member of Team PHenomenal Hope,” Rigby said. “The work these athletes do to better the lives of patients debilitated by PH is admirable, and I am honored to be able to do my part and give as much as I can to this patient community.”

In the last year, the U.S team has added 60 athletes, with 100 worldwide. Its members hail from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and the United States. They race in their own and other countries, including France, Switzerland and Canada.

Those donning the Team PHenomenal Hope uniform volunteer their endurance and ultra-endurance sporting efforts to spread awareness of a life-threatening medical condition known as pulmonary hypertension (PH). The athletes compete in cycling, running, mountain climbing, distance skiing and triathlon outings around the world. Many commit to fundraise for medical research, and all work to educate the public about PH’s potentially-devastating impact on patients’ lives.

“Hitting the 100 athlete mark is an inspiring moment,” said Chris Field, executive director of Team PHenomenal Hope. “We have almost tripled in size from the team’s 2016 size, and that means we can triple our reach into the community of PH patients for whom we race and fundraise.”

Today, the disease affects millions of men and women of all ages worldwide. With an average life expectancy – without therapy – of three years after diagnosis, the need for PH research is at a crucial point. There is no known cure, but there are 14 FDA-approved treatments currently available in the United States. Still, many healthcare experts agree much more needs to be done.

While PH is not confined to any borders, not all countries have access to the full host of treatments available in the United States. Athletes in these countries have joined Team PHenomenal Hope to raise awareness and rally to improve availability of medical treatment, among other goals.

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