Thoughts on World PH Day and Discussing #PHFeelsLike During a Global Pandemic

May 05,2020

A Word from Team PH Founder and President Dr. Patricia George

On this World PH Day we are excited to launch the first video for our PH Feels Like campaign. We’ve partnered with Dr. Lucilla Piccari and Andy Redwood, and are asking patients to give us descriptions about their disease so that we can illustrate it with a video. The goal is to help people who don’t have pulmonary hypertension (PH) understand more about living with the disease.

Although this project was imagined before the pandemic, in so many ways our lives have been affected since by the novel coronavirus, and because of this, our first video launch is sharing what PH patients feel about the impact of the pandemic on their lives. Watch this video here.

These concerns are all so real, and in many ways as a physician treating patients during the pandemic, I’ve felt them all on behalf of my patients. Identifying these real concerns is key to being able to address them. We hope that we can give a voice to how this disease affects those living with a rare disease.

So as we give voice to our friends living with PH (PHriends), we ask you what you think about living during this time? What concerns do you share?

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