Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund Update

October 09,2017

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Hurricane Irma and the PH Community

It has been more than a month since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston, Texas area, and just three weeks since Hurricane Irma barreled over Florida and the Keys. Working together with PHAware, Blue Lips Foundation, and Reata Pharmaceuticals, we have been hard at work sharing the news about our Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund and how it was implemented to lend a hand to PH patients experiencing emergency as a direct result of these natural disasters.

I have to decide whether I am able to pay for my insurance, my medication, or food for us to eat.

Since September 1st, we have been able to approve applications from 30 PH patients, providing them with immediate relief funds to go to non-medical expenses. With these funds, patients are able to fix their oxygen concentrator, repair their refrigerator unit in which to store their life saving medication, fix their severely damaged roof to prevent dangerous mold, or simply purchase food for the week.

I have been displaced and am moving. My portable oxygen needs worked on, but that is the oxygen I need right now during displacement.

As restoration efforts continue and submissions to this fund begin to decelerate, we don’t want our relief efforts to end here. There are PH patients all over the nation who experience disaster situations every day. Our goal is to open this fund up to any PH patient with a non-medical unmet need to aid in alleviating some of the stress that comes with this disease.

Join us in making the Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund available to any PH patient. Read more about the Unmet Need Patient Impact Fund or make a donation here.

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