Virtual PHenomenal Hope 5K Recap: Thank You for a Successful Event

July 06,2020

Another great event is in the books! We are humbled by your generosity and are excited to announce the total and the winners of all our events. In total $35,328 was brought in support our mission to end pulmonary hypertension.

This year we collectively logged 1,452 miles across 15 states. Congratulations to our top three runner/walkers!

In third place at 56.74 miles we have Team PH athlete Kathleen Richardson, in second place is Tammie Brenton with 100.28 miles, and our first place winner tracking 112.59 miles is Shatara Stanley!

We are so grateful to our fundraisers who collectively fundraised $13,520. Congratulations to Team Aibe for being this year’s contest winner! Team Aibe raised an amazing $2,065 (see pictured below).

We loved seeing everyone’s outfits for the theme days. Our winner of the contest is The Phillips Family who came out in style every day of the event (see pictured below).

Finally we want to thank our event organizer Kayla Frattini for working through so many unforeseen obstacles this year to bring us a fun and engaging event, despite the circumstances. It is through the work of our volunteers that we are able to continue our support of research to find better treatments and a cure.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We can’t wait to see you in 2021!

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