Welcome to the Race Across the West!

May 26,2015

As we get within a month of our adventure, the Race Across the West (RAW), we want to bring you a bit behind the scenes in our series of blog posts. Over the next several weeks we will share with you the inside scoop about our training, approach to nutrition, the equipment we use, how we communicate, and the most important part of this race – our team, especially our crew! There is so much involved in planning and executing, so we will bring you onto the bike as well as into the crew van, and share this adventure with you.

We will feature blog posts and interviews both by those on our team as well as our sponsors, who continue to play a huge role in getting us to the starting and finish line. You’ll hear from Coach Jim about training philosophy, Anne-Marie Alderson about nutrition, Chief Pete about crew perspectives, learn about our bikes and gear, learn from Radio 360 about the vital aspect of team communications, and more!

Join us in the coming weeks as we get ready to get to Oceanside and once again pedal westward, racing to make a difference in the lives of those with pulmonary hypertension!

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