Winifred Hampton’s PH Story

March 08,2017

My name is Winifred Hampton AKA ( Wendy), and I live in Louisiana.

It’s not easy.

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and since 2005, I have been on oxygen 24/7.

It has been a journey, but through God’s help and mercy, I have had better days.

I am currently on Remodulin Sub-Q Adempas Tricare for my pH. Some days it feels like none of this medicine is working I am always tired, want to sleep, and don’t want to do nothing.

But I push my way through each and every day. I go where I need to go and I do what I have to do.

I get disgusted sometimes because of all the stuff that you have to pack just to take a weekend trip! And I can’t get this through my family and friends heads that sometimes I just don’t want to carry all that stuff!

It’s not easy. I can not just just jump up and go like normal people. I get scared sometimes when I go to the transplant doctor and he says you are sick, but not enough to be on the transplant list.

So my question is to him all the time, if that’s the case do I have to be almost dead to get on the list? and he just laughs and looks.

Do I have to be almost dead to get on the transplant list?

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