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All great teams need leadership and direction. Being a Team PHenomenal Hope Regional Captain allows you to have the opportunity to serve our patients, athletes, and the community as a leader within the organization.

Regional Captains are vital to the success of Team PHenomenal Hope and the organization’s mission. They are enthusiastic and flexible with strong team building and leadership skills. Regional Captains are models for other team members. They are committed to successfully developing their regions through regular communication, enthusiasm, and creativity.

A regional captain serves Team Phenomenal Hope in the following capacities:

Team Leadership

  • Coach and motivate your team to success using multiple forms of communication, generating enthusiasm and participation (i.e., email, phone calls, Facebook, newsletters);
  • Celebrate team member’s accomplishments and cultivate a positive environment of inclusion;
  • Recognize team members for their commitment to the fight against PH and their contributions.
  • Participates in all Captain meetings (in-person and conference call)
  • May be asked to host team kit try-on days and also help with the distribution of clothing and kits

Team Communication

  • Introduction Call/Email: Call and/or email each new team member to make an introduction and identify yourself a resource and contact
  • Send a regular email to your regional teams with important information discussed at the leadership meetings or with announcements, inspiration, and event information
  • Respond to questions from team members within 48 hours and provide guidance and updates as relevant
  • Host regular team meetings (in-person or on the phone) for team building, covering logistics, fundraising, and anything else relevant to the cause/ team


  • Supports the Team Phenomenal Hope in raising a minimum of $500 per year
  • Serves as a leader during all community activities by promoting by helping to create a positive atmosphere


  • The ability to embody our program’s core values in word and action
  • The ability and willingness to mentor/develop the next generation of leaders to succeed
  • The ability to motivate people – especially your peers
  • Verbal communication skills
  • A responsible attitude
  • Superior people skills for building relationships with teammates
  • The ability to plan and prioritize
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Mature decision-making ability