Giving is fast, simple, and secure.

Donate Online

Make a donation to online here. If you wish to support a specific Team PH program, event, or campaign, you may indicate this on the donation form.

Team PHenomenal Hope is a 501c(3) charity nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible.

Mail a Check

Team PHenomenal Hope accepts checks. They can be made out to “Team PHenomenal Hope” and mailed to our address:

Team PHenomenal Hope
2206 N Main Street #141
Wheaton, IL 60187

If you wish, use the memo field to indicate a specific program you wish to have funded, or to name an individual on whose behalf your gift is made.

Support a Fundraiser

Donors can also elect to support an individual fundraiser. Visit our team page at and click on the athlete or group you wish to support.

Corporate Sponsorship, Matching, & Volunteer Contributions

If you represent an interest for corporate sponsorship, please reach out to our Executive Director Leslie Orlovsky at or call 877-646-4673 ext. 101.

We encourage donors and volunteers to contact their Human Resources department at work to inquire as to whether their organization provides matching donations or contributions based on hours volunteered.

We also participate in a few activities throughout the year that are fun, team-building volunteer opportunities for local-area businesses, including the PHenomenal Hope 5K. Reach out to our PH 5K coordinator to learn more at

Get in touch!

Team PHenomenal Hope is always delighted to talk with our funding partners. Feel free to pick up the phone and give us a ring.
Phone: 877-6-GO-HOPE (877-646-4673)

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