Join the PH Feels Like awareness campaign with Team PHenomenal Hope!

PH Feels LikePurpose: The goal of this campaign is to capture and share what it feels like to live with pulmonary hypertension, from your unique perspective as someone who has PH.

Motivation for the campaign: There are a lot of medical descriptions of PH out there written from the perspective of physicians and scientists, but we want to share with people how it feels for the patients themselves.

First Step: APRIL CALL TO ACTION: We need to learn from you! We will be rolling out questions for you to provide a short answer of how you feel. Think about describing it as through an image, like the example provided in the paragraph below. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a metaphor, just answer how you feel.

Step 2: We will collect your answers and create a short video graphic from each series of questions.

Step 3: We will debut our first video graphic in June, and invite you and all the PH associations to then share it throughout the community (both inside and outside the PH community) to show people what PH Feels Like. We’ll ask patients to invite their friends to Breathe With Us in this campaign by watching the video and learning a little more about this disease from the perspective of real patients.

Please join us in this – it’s your campaign, and we hope the patient perspective will go viral to raise a deeper awareness of what it means to live with PH. APRIL CALL TO ACTION: We need to hear from you!

Below we are pleased to present the second video in this series, created from data provided directly by the PH community.

View PH Feels Like II

Although this project was imagined before the pandemic, in so many ways our lives have been affected since by the novel coronavirus, and because of this, our first video shares what PH patients feel about the impact of the pandemic on their lives. Watch it here.

Please participate in our short questionnaire below and answer any/all of the questions that resonate with you. We will add new questions following the release of each video, so be sure to check back for continued participation.