Each year on this day, the PH community comes together to spread awareness of pulmonary hypertension, and celebrate the strides we have made to improve the lives of those affected by it. Although our goal every year is to unite the PH community globally, Team PHenomenal Hope tried something new in 2018.

We invited you, your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone to get out on World PH Day, get moving, and track your miles in support of the PH community using Strava, an application used to track physical activity. See our Strava group here.

Friends of Team PH all over the country took a walk around the neighborhood, biked the nature trail, or went on a training run, and tracked more than 1,000 miles for Team PH!

We also encouraged you to share our graphic (pictured left) to show you were part of this movement! This image was shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter throughout the weeks leading up to World PH Day!

Additionally, we shared several global stories of PH leading up to World PH Day. We hope these stories served as a source of enlightenment regarding treatment, support, education, and other engaging topics that may bring together patients from all over the world, fighting the same fight. Check out these global stories of PH here

Whether you were sharing global stories of PH, our World PH Day graphic, or tracked your miles on World PH Day with Team PHenomenal Hope, we thank you for making this day a success for the PH community everywhere!